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Cell Phone/ Computers / Tablet Repairs

Same Day Repair on most popular models

Cell Phone Repairs

Whether you've got the latest phone or an older gem, Nice Device is your go to experts. We work our magic on your broken screen , water rescues, and all other sorts of problems. Our trained techs are all about top-notch cellphone repairs, making your devices sparkle again.

Computer Repairs

Computer repair is all about giving your digital sidekick the pampering it deserves. Our tech pros diagnose and fix both hardware and software hiccups, so your computer can run like a champ again. Think of us as your computer's pit crew, ready to get it back on the fast track to performance!

Tablet Repairs

Broken Screens, broken charging ports, no image, we see it all. Luckily we stock up on the most popular models to get you up and running with same day repairs. iPads, Samsung, and Alcatel are among our most repaired brands.

B2B Service

We have the capacity to take on hundreds of repairs in a week. So whether its 10 devices or 100 devices we can do it. Contact ( for a personalized quote.

Get A Quote/Estimate

Approve A Quote

First, reach out to us by phone, drop by in person, or hop online to snag a quick estimate. Our pricing is calculated based on the repair time and the specific parts required to get your device back in action.

Step 1:

The easy Part

Your Info

Collect The Details

With so many phones incoming we track each repair by pairing the device to the owner with a ticket number. We collect simple info like first, last name, phone number and device IMEI.

Step 2:

Also Easy And Necessary

The Beginning

Ticket Assigned to a tech

After we collect your info we assign the ticket to a tech. Depending on the difficulty we assign the ticket to the corresponding tech. For example a Level 3 repair would get assigned to our board level tech.

Step 3:

The repair Begins


Collect What Is Needed

If the Parts are in stock our tech will then pull the parts from inventory and link them to your ticket to begin the repair. If part is not in stock talk to our rep but estimate time of shipping is 1-3 days.

Step 4:

Pick parts from inventory

Fix The Device


Our tech will pre-test the device and begin repairing the device with the parts picked. This takes 40 mins to 2 hours depending on the ticket.

Step 5:

Pre-test and Repair

Pay & Collect

Happy Device

Once Our Tech is done with your repair you'll get notified but if no secondary number was given then come after the time frame provided by our tech. Side Note: Please pick up the device in a timely manner. We only hold devices for 30 days.

Step 6:

Pick up

2 weeks after

Follow Up

2 Weeks after the repair the system will send out a follow up message. If you have any issues at the time please notify us so we can help. If there are no issues or questions then we will appreciate a little love by giving us a review on our google or yelp page and help others get the same friendly and awesome experience.

Final Step

We appreciate the business and support

8+ Years

Thank you for considering us for your repair needs.

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Tsuri Google

cool family owned business, they repaired my phone in a short amount of time for less money than i thought i would have to pay. thank you 👍 lots of cool cases and other devices in the store, it's nice to browse …

Kevin S Yelp

Took a bad fall and broke screen of phone. They fixed it for reasonable price when they said it would be ready it was ready 🙂

Anna Schmink Google

Great service! Friendly knowledgeable staff. Nice Device saved me time and the cost of a new I Phone. I would recommend them for any cellular repair or purchase

Boni Artista Google

Compre Un Nokia G400 mucho mas barato que lo que me lo vendian en Metro y nuevo tambien. Me ayudaron a transeferir mi linea y cosas al nuevo cell. Recomiendo este lugar.

Chancellor Clay Google

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